Medical Services


  • The GAHAR 2021 Standards provides specific requirements for a quality management system that will enhance the ability to deliver care that will meet the requirements of the patient. .GAHAR hospital registration requirement handbook (HERE)

ATC Stages of providing the qualification service on the Egyptian accreditation GAHAR 2021

Ø Gap Analysis

    Document review

    Passing through the facility

    Personal interviews with employees

    Preparing a report on what has been done, indicating the percentage of improvement

Ø Preparing the organizational structure and workflow plan for the facility

Ø Preparing an improvement plan for the facility

Ø Preparing documents within the standards of the Health Accreditation and Control Authority

Ø Creating a training program based on the training needs

Ø Submitting a monthly report that includes the evaluation of the percentages of achieving standards for the facility


  • Ø Simulation of evaluation visits to the Health Accreditation and Control Authority for service inquiry please click (Here) 

GAHAR 2021 Standards – Must-Have Certifications for Healthcare Providers


Following Standards are must-haves for a Medical or Healthcare Providers:

·     NSR   National Safety Requirements

 ·    PCC  Patient-Centeredness Culture

 ·     ACT  Access, Continuity, and Transition of Care

 ·    ICD   Integrated Care Delivery

 ·     DAS    Diagnostic and Ancillary Services

 ·     SAS   Surgery, Anesthesia, and Sedation

 ·     MMS   Medication Management and Safety

 ·     EFS  Environmental and Facility Safety

 ·     IPC   Infection Prevention and Control

 ·     OGM    Organization Governance and Management

 ·    CAI    Community Assessment and Involvement

 ·     WFM    Workforce Management

 ·     IMT     Information Management and Technology

 ·     QPI      Quality and Performance Improvement

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