POS Restaurants نظام المطاعم


It build to work in one or multiple places.


  1.  Easy tracking of Sales.
  2.  Analyzing the Sales.
  3.  Instant report generation.
  4.  The entire data is Salved and secure; any analysis can be done at any desired point of time.
  5. Support receipt printer and Barcode.
  6. Stock management system.
  7. Manage selling orders.
  8. Manage delivery for customers.
  9. Show the bills numbers.
  10. Issuing the sells reports with the ability to analyze it.
  11. The main office system for managing the branches.
  12. Give detailed description of the order properties.
  13. Manage stock pricing.
  14. Calculate the price of the product based on recipe and component.
  15.  Easy way to calculate the income and the outcome of production process.
  16. P.O.S for Retail uses and extends the reporting capabilities.
  17. Send the orders to the kitchen.
  18. List of electronic products.
  19. The ability of connect with other agents systems and special offers.


  1. Web based application.
  2. MS SQL SERVER back end.
  3. Online access features from everywhere.
  4. Remote support features
  5. AMC to ensure continuity of service.
  6. Daily back up for data.





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